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Hello everyone! I am extremely interested in a collaboration with your company in relation to the application of semi-permanent make up and make up tattoos. 

Here is a brief bio that can help you get to know me and my services better: my name is Viviana Ramassotto, I am an Italian look maker and make up tattoo artist since 1996. I am currently the President of the Confartiginato Benessere in Rome, Italy, a national federation that represents individuals and companies operating in the business of health and beauty in Italy. I run two schools for tattoo and semi-permanent and esthetic make up application, where I also contribute as a teacher. 

I live in Italy and I’m a conductor makeup tutorials for Italian Television and Makeup Channel. I travel to Florida, USA, where I have recently opened a new make up studio. I have also expanded my business to the Arab Emirates, where I operate our of my studio in Business Bay. 

My most established and successful business is the semi-permanent make up tattoo application, which creates skin lifting effects, allows to minimize scars, reduces asymmetry or discoloring of the lips and eyebrows, reconstructs breast’s areola for people who underwent surgeries, and last but not least helps increase hair volume.

I have attached my portfolio for your review and below you can find my current service pricing. I would be happy to review my pricing with you, based on your specific market needs and expectations, of course. 

Viviana Ramassotto

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